Ben Briggs

Web Designer & Developer

About Me

I'm passionate about creating interactive content for the Web; whether it's the HTML and CSS front-end or server side development with PHP, I am confident in my abilities to deliver user-friendly, accessible websites.

Much of what I know has been self-taught; reading books such as Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke and Handcrafted CSS by Dan Cederholm has given me a solid foundation in learning about techniques such as progressive enrichment; the process of "rewarding" newer browsers with advanced CSS properties such as drop shadows or multiple backgrounds, whilst still having a fallback style so that it looks acceptable in browsers such as Internet Explorer 6; how to write clean, semantic HTML as a basis for this styling, and for the benefit of search engines and screen readers; and how to design simple, good looking websites.

When not indulged in creating websites I'm an avid gamer, beer nerd and cook. Cheers!

Contact Me

Thanks for stopping by. If you have a project or opportunity that you'd like to discuss with me, please get in touch via the following form.